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WeeklyBasis 4/30: Two Week Rate Party!

Rates ended last week near 2011 lows achieved March 16 when Japan’s earthquake aftermath and Libya’s revolution were both at highly uncertain stages. Mortgage and Treasury bonds were the safe bet then, and rates dropped as those bond prices rose on buying rallies. Bonds then sold and rates rose as markets shook off Japan and […]

Economic Calendar May 2-6: Jobs, Business Inflation

Here’s a snapshot of another busy week, click image for details. Highlights are jobs reports Wednesday and Friday, plus business inflation from various manufacturing surveys. See WeeklyBasis for what it all means.

Global Home Prices 1996-2009 (TABLE). How Many U.S. Housing Units Are There?

Do boom and bust cycles in real estate only happen in the United States? Nope. Take a look at this Freddie Mac table of global home prices from 1996-2009. It’s from a piece Freddie’s chief economist did in February, but still relevant now. Zillow is offering borrowers $1000 Lowe’s gift cards if they contact a […]

Originations 4/29: typo domain fee $242k

Today’s links are in pairs, starting with milk: the first explains food inflation using The Milkman Indicator, the second is about a guy in a cow suit who robbed 26 gallons of milk from Walmart. That insanity flows to The Donald, who comedians pray will be president, but two links below show this is no […]

I Aint Gonna Be Part Of This System…

Posting light while working on our system. Meantime, enjoy Andy Samberg lashing out against The System … what a phony 😉

The Only Question to Ask Ben Bernanke

Anyone who watches Bernanke’s Congressional testimony knows that lawmakers ignore his testimony because they’re too excited about Q&A—a chance to drill their vote-pandering messages in question form (e.g., Why does Fed help banks and not consumers?). Then Bernanke repeats the economic outlook and FOMC strategies he just laid out moments before. Today’s 2:15 ET press […]

Still Floating Rates After Worse Home Price Data & Before Fed Press Conference

Yesterday’s early-week rate outlook said to hold on locking rates until just before tomorrow’s post-FOMC meeting press conference, and we’re sticking with that given today’s weak February home price data as well as stock and bond trading signals. The S&P Case Shiller February 2011 report of existing home prices showed average U.S. home prices declined […]

Originations 4/26: Listen to new Beastie Boys album

If I link to a story on copyright and trademark infringement, am I infringing? What will the next round of Fed easing look like? Or will we find out tomorrow that the Fed’s done helping? And does a jobless recovery mean housing will improve? These are today’s things links that make you go Hmmm. Another […]

Does making banks keep a portion of loans they sell increase borrower costs?

I would suggest that few, if any, investors know their plan yet on complying with new regulations for keeping skin in the game on securities backed residential, commercial, credit-card, and other loans. On the residential side, my guess is that investors are taking their time looking production, underwriting, secondary/investor markets, and trying to see: a) […]

Early-week rate outlook…with help from George Burns

Simplicity is key. For example, this is what actor George Burns used to answer when people asked him the secret to living past 100: “Don’t die.” An early-week rate advisory reduced to something as simple would say “Don’t lock” because there’s still room for rates to improve slightly before Wednesday. But markets are never quite […]

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