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Rate Predictions: Recap 2011, Outlook 2012

Here’s what the experts got wrong in 2011, and what they’re saying about 2012.

2011 Was a Great Year for U.S. Treasury Debt

No imminent EU solution means Treasury yields and mortgage rates may drop more.

Do you have to be paid to be a real writer?

Anyone can self-publish and call themselves a writer. So is money the dividing line?

Dan Long Mortgage Banker Rap Video: So Bad It’s Good

Thought getting a loan approved was cringeworthy? Watch this.

Jobless Claims Up: How It Relates To Jan 6 Jobs Report

Roundup today’s data: jobless claims, pending home sales, manufacturing (Chicago PMI)

Coolest Song Of 2011: Faded Dreams by Bayonics

Don’t let your dreams be faded.
Don’t let your time be wasted.

Two very different housing headlines

Check out these two headlines. No wonder nobody knows what to do.

Stronger Holiday Shopping. EU Liquidity.

Holiday retail sales looking better. Europe will stagnate.

2011’s Best Viral Video: Whole Foods Parking Lot

Acting all hard, scratching turntables in the back of a Prius? Yea, that’s genius.

Robert Shiller To His Yale Students: It’s A Good Time To Buy A House

VIDEO: Creator of Case Shiller home price index shares his housing thoughts.

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