Originations: QE3, Spain-wreck, 10yr Yields, Album Covers

Today’s Originations linkfest: must-read housing and rate stories. Plus some fun stuff.

– 10yr Treasury Yield Drops To 1.62% (Bespoke w/chart above)

– The Great Bond Selloff? Really? CHART (EconomPic)

– Succinct recap of Spain’s debt woes & eurozone status (James Bianco, TheBigPicture)

– Who needs QE3 when you’ve got Eurozone crisis? (Justin Lahart, WSJ)

– Housing “Bottom” Doesn’t Mean We’ll See Recovery (StreetTalkLive on BI)

– Pictures/stats on homes in famous movies (Zillow)

– Collection of animated album covers – my fave below (AnimatedAlbums via HuffPo)

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