Archive for August, 2012

Friday Funk: Bop Gun – Ice Cube w George Clinton

Get your cool back for the weekend with this interplanetary party track.

Mortgage Rates: Week Ended August 31

Rates in 3 tiers: loans to $417, to $625k, to $2m.

Bernanke Jackson Hole speech helps rates. But is Fed really helping economy?

At best, the Fed if offsetting the negative effects of Dodd-Frank and Basel III.

Locking mortgage rates between now and year-end

Here’s a non-technical briefing for consumers.

Do national home prices even matter?

Even Case Shiller’s San Francisco pricing isn’t really San Francisco.

Impact of Dodd-Frank & CFPB On Lending

People ask why lenders aren’t lending? The real question is why lenders are lending at all given undefined regulations.

The Economics of Unemployment

What really causes unemployment and how is it remedied?

U.S. Home Prices 19% Below Fair Value

Here are the two tings you must consider when buying a home.

WeeklyBasis: Low Rate Wake Up Call

Thinking about holding for even lower rate lows? Think again.

Two Ways To Run A Retail Mortgage Shop

I was recently asked for advice on how to start a mortgage company. Here’s my answer.

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