Election 2010

Will Newly Elected Officials Change Tax Deductibility of Mortgages?

Now that the dust has settled from the election, what did it all mean for the mortgage consumer? Historically Republicans are reputed to be more “pro-business”. Republicans may try to rein in regulators implementing a sweeping overhaul of financial rules and press for a smaller federal role in the mortgage market. This will be interesting,

bTunes Tribute To SEC For Goldman Suit: One Day As A Lion

Today was the the SEC’s One Day As A Lion as they filed the first big claim against Wall Street—a subprime MBS fraud suit against Goldman Sachs—since the great recession began in 2007. So this installment of bTunes is for the SEC from Zach De La Rocha. The former Rage front man named his new

Palin’s vs. Obama’s Economic Populism

Frank Rich’s piece about Sarah Palin in yesterday’s New York Times contains the beware-Palin’s-supposedly-naive-tactics warning we’ve seen a few times since her Tea Party hand job last week. But it also makes the relevant point that, despite a GOP end game that does nothing to help those hardest hit by recession, her populist message is