Rate History

WeeklyBasis 03/22/04: Terrorism in Spain Affecting Rate Outlook

Rates/commentary for the week of March 22, 2004. I am back in the saddle after my wedding and two amazing weeks in Hawaii. While I was away, a dismal jobs report caused rates to drop below all-time lows from May 2003. This news would usually correct itself as investors realize all other economic fundamentals are

WeeklyBasis 01/05/04: Welcome to 2nd Best Home Sales Year Ever

Rates/commentary for the week of January 5, 2004. Happy New Year to everyone, and welcome to the second-best year ever (behind 2003) for new and existing home sales according to NAR’s chief economist. During the last two weeks of 2003, fixed and ARM rates rose by .125% because of positive economic data. As I’ve mentioned

WeeklyBasis 11/17/03: Best Rate Week Since June’s 40yr Lows

Rates and commentary below are as of November 17, 2003. Rates are down about 0.25% across the board since last week, as investors sold equities (because of terrorism worries and end-of-year tax positioning) and bought safer bonds (driving bond prices up and yields down). This has continued into Monday trading. This week’s main economic news

WeeklyBasis 11/10/03: Rates Lowest Since 1960s

Rates and commentary below are as of November 10, 2003. Rates on 15yr and 30yr fixed loans are up about 0.2% from last Monday, but ARM rates are holding near their lows. No major economic news scheduled for release until this Friday, so the bond market and rates should be relatively calm until then. The

WeeklyBasis 11/04/03: Fastest GDP Growth In 20 Years

Rates and commentary below are as of November 4, 2003. Rates are up about 0.125% overall from last week. Not bad considering that 3rd quarter GDP grew at its fastest pace in nearly 20 years. This lofty economic growth figure posted last Thursday presumably would have had a more negative affect on the bond market

WeeklyBasis 09/29/03: Rates Touch On Record Lows

Rates have dropped again this week, and are down about 0.25% from last week; On a $600k loan, this is about $100 per month in savings. This brings rates close to record lows we saw in the 2nd quarter. This is a good way to start the week, but if consumer confidence employment figures released

WeeklyBasis 08/18/03: Fixed Rates Still Higher, ARMs Steady

Rates for this week are slightly up from last week as investors sold bonds in preparation for last week’s Fed meeting. Please see snapshot below for August 18, 2003. Historical perspective remains the key theme for the week, as borrowers may be talking about rising rates. Rates now are still close to 30-year lows. Conforming

WeeklyBasis 08/11/03: Rates At 1-Year High and 30-Year Lows

Rates for this week have improved by about a quarter-point, please see snapshot below for August 11, 2003. Investors have continued to reduce Treasury holdings in preparation for this Tuesday’s Fed meeting, which has brought rates up on 30- and 15-year loans. ARM programs are holding at very favorable lows. If you have read the