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Bill Gross’ case for long-term slow growth (VIDEO)

Interesting Bill Gross interview on CNBC today, following the release of his September investment outlook. In full video below he admits he was wrong on Treasury demand waning, and his long-term-slow-growth theme is best captured in this excerpt: Free market capitalism depends on a balanced market between labor and capital. And clearly we’re reaching a

Who To Trust Less: Priests or Financial Advisors?

I just attended a wedding where the parents of the bride are divorcing. I sat directly behind them and watched their pain as the priest hammered home the unconditional permanence of their daughter’s commitment. It reminded me of financial advisors so committed to pushing a certain product that they miss the goal. The goal of

Linkage: Most Sold Investments of 2011

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Linkage: Funky Bilingual

Today’s links include short sale vs. foreclosure tips, two posts from StoneStreetAdvisors who’s on fire this week, and Sage words on analyzing markets—a must-read for mortgage folks who stare at MBS charts all day. So click play on the funky bilingual Cinco De Mayo soundtrack and read up… -Has bay area real estate gone bonkers?

HP 12C Calculator Turns 30

Great piece on the OG financial calculator HP 12C turning 30. I’m working on a piece for National Mortgage Pro magazine on how your calculator defines you. Stay tuned…