New Economic Indicator: Hot Waitress Index

As first it was a shock yesterday to see that Bloomberg TV ran a story about whether the hotness of the waitresses at your local restaurants can tell you anything about the economy. Then we read the source material, a Hot Waitress Index story in New York Magazine which poses this theory: the hotter the

Rules for (In)Effective Communication

The following was provided to us by an advertising exec, and while slightly off topic for the normal coverage of The Basis Point, the workplace relevance is sure to resonate. Some of you may be aware of TED (stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design). It’s a series of conferences featuring a series of smart speakers talking

AP: Highest Paid CEOs in 2008

According to the Associated Press, here are the 10 highest-paid CEOs for 2008 at Standard & Poor’s 500 companies based on AP calculations. The analysis includes companies that filed proxy statements with the Securities and Exchange Commission between Jan. 1 and April 20. The total pay figures are rounded and are based on the AP’s

A Brainbending 420 Question

With 5.1 million jobs lost since the recession began, here’s a question to ponder on this day, April 20, or 420 as it’s known throughout the weed smoking universe: Is more or less weed being smoked overall since the wave of job losses started—more because people have more time on their hands? Or less because