The 6 Types Of Corporate Execs: The Good, The Bad & The Wormy

It’s been more than eight years since I was at a global bank and navigating a big machine was second nature. I’m a bit rusty as my current boutique bank grows so, for reference, here are the core personality types we all encounter. When lots of smart people work together, it’s impossible for everyone to

Career Advice From Thomas The Train

Most parents know about Thomas The Train. Kids love Thomas and his friends from the U.K. Island of Sodor, and there’s actually lots for kids to learn from the Thomas marketing juggernaut … about sharing, manners, and hard work. The lessons about hard work are also there for parents if you listen carefully. They mostly

Word of the day: Inkhorn

Inkhorn is’s word of the day today. It means pedantic, which describes someone who’s an obnoxious showoff about their knowledge and is overly concerned with unnecessary details. Pedantic is a very pedantic word, which is unfortunate because it so accurately describes so many people we all have to deal with every day. But now

The ‘Fuck You’ Method & 4 Other Negotiating No-No’s

When I left UBS 8 years ago, my boss gave me a book on negotiation called Getting to Yes. It’s a must-read, but if I may highlight the most effective tactic: focus on interests, not positions. It works like a charm because if you’re always taking a firm position, you’ll lose most of the time.