Friday Funk: Under Burning Skies

This week’s Friday Funk installment is from Souljazz Orchestra, who just released their eighth album, Under Burning Skies, which is fire indeed … a pure party vibe that will get your cool back for the weekend. Here’s the band on their new release:

Since first arriving on the scene at the turn of the millennium, the Souljazz Orchestra has never stopped pushing the limits of its signature sound: an explosive clash of soul, jazz and tropical styles, unleashed by blaring majestic horns, dusty vintage keyboards, and an arsenal of earthquaking percussion.

The multicultural collective is back with one of its finest albums to date on its scorching new release, Under Burning Skies, resuming its link-up with UK-based Strut Records. Turbulent times call for strong voices and the Souljazz Orchestra’s new set packs a heavy lyrical punch, with wry observations and an urge for progressive change. Musically, the band continues to push the limits, dusting off ‘80s vintage synthesizers and early drum machines for the first time, bringing lo-fi disco, boogie and electro touches to their trademark horn arrangements and earthy analogue sound. The result is nothing short of fascinating and the group sounds at its confident and versatile best from start to finish.

Opener ‘Dog Eat Dog’ powers in with Mabinuori Idowu and Philippe Lafrenière lambasting the powerful and the corrupt over an infectious Afro-disco groove;

And with that, here’s Dog Eat Dog…

Congrats to the SoulJazz crew on their new album, and for more on these funk heavyweights, check out this 2012 Friday Funk post.

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