Originations 4/14: Got More Stories Than JD’s Got Salinger

Awhile back I wrote that if Barry Ritholtz was a rapper, he’d be Gift of Gab from Blackalicious. His retort was that he’s all 3 Beastie Boys. I can dig that: the dude’s “got more stories than JD’s got Salinger.” So kicking off today with an inflation story originated on his blog—context for today’s PPI and tomorrow’s CPI.

And in honor of the Beasties’ new album May 3, I’ll also be doing some Beastie history in the coming weeks, starting today…

-Fade The Inflation Hysteria (The Big Picture)

-Goldman’s Take on Obama’s Latest Budget ‘Promises’ (ZeroHedge)

-How To Beat April 18 FHA Mortgage Insurance Increase (TheMortgageReports)

-New Foreclosure Abuse Rules For Banks Not Enough (USA Today)

-Recession By End of The Year? (Mish’s Global Economics)

-A Post Modern Analysis of Beastie Boys’ Shadrach (David Sklar)