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WeeklyBasis 10/31/05: Rates May Climb A Bit More

In the past three weeks, fixed and ARM rates are up about .375%. Last week, the yield on the 10-year note (a critical benchmark for fixed mortgages and intermediate-term ARMs) was up 0.19% to hit 4.60%, which is just shy of the 4.69% high of 2005 which came on March 23. We may see more

WeeklyBasis 10/24/05: Bernanke Appointed to Succeed Greenspan

Rates are up about .125% since my last market report on October 10 (I was off last Monday). In the last report, I said rates may increase as we head toward the holidays, and this still holds. Energy prices are still high, and giving consumers less expendable income. As it gets colder, this price pressure

Is Your Adjustable Rate Mortgage Still The Right Choice (Part 2)?

Last month, we looked at factors driving rate markets to help you determine if an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) was the right choice for you. This month, we’re revisiting the topic since so much has happened in the markets. Our goal is to give you information to help you make financial decisions about property you

WeeklyBasis 10/10/05: Holidays Approach, Bring Lump of Higher Rate Coal

Markets have stopped betting on long-lasting negative economic impacts of Katrina. Bottom line: rates may increase as we approach the holidays, the weather changes, and consumers get hit with the one-two punch of higher heating prices and higher gas prices. I will be monitoring this topic in my Monday WeeklyBasis reports. But if you’d like

WeeklyBasis 10/03/05: Wage Growth May Increase Rates

Rates are up another .125% this week (the third week in a row) on inflation fears that are coming from higher fuel prices and higher costs reported by manufacturers this morning. The Fed’s job is to slow the money supply (with higher rates) before inflation becomes an issue. So when markets see signs if inflation,

Is Your Adjustable Rate Mortgage Still The Right Choice?

Since June 2004, the Federal Reserve has steadily increased short-term interest rates from 1% to 3.5%, a “measured pace” according to Fed chairman Alan Greenspan. Yet mortgage interest rates have been holding onto record low levels. What’s going on? What’s keeping mortgage rates low? Are low rates here to stay? And most important, how should

WeeklyBasis 09/12/05: Forecasting Rates Post-Katrina

Rates open this week exactly where they were before Hurricane Katrina. Rates dipped on the initial shock, then came up after oil prices rebounded last week. This week is inflation watch with Producer Price Index data Tuesday and Consumer Prices Thursday. Normally, these would be critical for predicting what the Fed will do in its

Financial Planning, Home Style

Over the past few years, we’ve seen some of the largest home appreciation figures on record. And if you bought your home during this time, you’re surely appreciative of this phenomenon. But you also need to be aware of how your appreciation might influence your current financing plan. So this month, we’ll examine a few