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WeeklyBasis 09/08/03: September Stock Selloff Helps Rates

Before rate comments this week, I wanted to let you know about the “Residential Pacific Mortgage 15 Day Close.” My internal bank (which serves only RPM loan agents) will close your loans in 15 days, or all mortgage banking fees will be waived. The rate snapshot below is for reference the week of September 8,

WeeklyBasis 09/02/03: Rates Up In Labor Day Bond Selloff

Please see rate snapshot below for reference the week of September 2, 2003. Traders returned from Labor Day vacation in an angry mood this morning and bonds sold off, driving yields up. Despite rising rates in the last 2 weeks, long-term rates are still only about 50 basis points higher than they were at the

WeeklyBasis 08/25/03: Record Existing Home Sales

Please see rate snapshot below for reference the week of August 25, 2003. Housing starts and existing home sales are posted record numbers for July. Many economists are saying that the effects of recently rising mortgage rates will dampen housing numbers next month. However, mortgage rates are still very low relative to historical standards. Conforming

WeeklyBasis 08/18/03: Fixed Rates Still Higher, ARMs Steady

Rates for this week are slightly up from last week as investors sold bonds in preparation for last week’s Fed meeting. Please see snapshot below for August 18, 2003. Historical perspective remains the key theme for the week, as borrowers may be talking about rising rates. Rates now are still close to 30-year lows. Conforming

WeeklyBasis 08/11/03: Rates At 1-Year High and 30-Year Lows

Rates for this week have improved by about a quarter-point, please see snapshot below for August 11, 2003. Investors have continued to reduce Treasury holdings in preparation for this Tuesday’s Fed meeting, which has brought rates up on 30- and 15-year loans. ARM programs are holding at very favorable lows. If you have read the

WeeklyBasis 08/04/03: Fixed Rates Up Again

Below is a rate snapshot for reference the week of August 4, 2003. The sell-off in Treasuries continued last week, pushing yields up. Most of this effect can be seen in higher rates on 30- and 15-year loans. But I have ARM programs for all types of borrowers where rates have stayed close to all-time

WeeklyBasis 07/28/03: Rates Up On Continued Bond Selling

Below is a rate snapshot for reference the week of July 28, 2003. Thirty and fifteen-year fixed rates up to about the same level as January 2003 due to the continued bond sell off in the past month. Investors are moving back into stocks because of improving economic sentiment. The good news here is that