My Wife’s Insider Take On Accenture Mortgage Deal

My wife is in the mortgage business now. Or her firm is anyway. She alerted me to the news of Accenture’s Zenta acquisition last night, then I got several emails this morning from colleagues asking me about the deal. The best was this one from one of my longtime mortgage banking mentors: Saw this Accenture

Kids Explain Cloud Computing (VIDEO)

The biggest technology BS phrase of the year has to be Cloud Computing, which as far as I can tell, is just a fancy name for how corporate computing has worked for the past 10 years. But this promo video from Accenture has a good angle by using kids to explain Cloud Computing. The ‘dial-up’

Accenture Drops Tiger Woods

Global consulting firm Accenture has dropped Tiger Woods as the firm’s official endorser after six years following the golfer’s mistress troubles. Of Tiger’s many sponsorships, it makes sense this one was dropped. It could be argued that the nature of Tiger’s troubles don’t automatically harm the sports apparel or drink brands he’s sponsored by. But