Bloomberg’s Mark Crumpton taking HuffingtonPost writer lawsuit hard

Always stoic Mark Crumpton’s not looking so good as he reports on the writers suing AOL/HuffingtonPost for a piece of the $315m AOL acquisition. (Either that or my stream froze up at the least flattering moment imaginable! Sorry Mark, just playing around … your sangfroid makes you one of the best broadcasters in the business).

All You Need To Know About Why Things Fell Apart: Michael Lewis

Here’s a piece today from Michael Lewis, the man who can usually make complicated financial matters simple. This is his dissent on the findings of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, of which he was a member. The fact that it’s uncharacteristically unclear—especially the part about women on Wall Street—proves how complicated an issue this is.

Mortgage 101 For Mainstream Media: How Rates Work & Why Rates Spiked

Today and every Thursday, Freddie Mac releases results of a survey showing what rates are on single family home loans up to $417,000. And the overwhelming majority of mainstream media reports on the topic today talk about how rates have risen along with Treasuries. WRONG. Mortgage rates referenced in the Freddie Mac survey aren’t tied