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Credit Bureaus (Not Banks) To Blame For Solicitations

Ever apply for a home loan then suddenly you’re inundated with new solicitations for credit? Don’t be too quick to blame the mortgage lender who ran your credit. It’s most likely not them. It’s the credit bureaus themselves—Equifax, Transunion, and Experian. Once an inquiry is made to them, they sell the data. Conversely, your data

Linkage: Good Luck Getting 4% Mortgage

Today’s must-read Originations links. I’ll comment more tomorrow on the CNNMoney piece. Mainstream media just can’t get it right: they’re either parroting expired Freddie rates Thursdays through Sundays, or they’re going alarmist with rate comments they don’t understand. -Europe Bailout Fund Will Have $6 Zillion Dollars – #sarcasm (iBankCoin) -Can Govt Get Loan Modifications Right