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Linkage: Dare call yourself an entrepreneur?

If you dare call yourself an entrepreneur, read James Altucher’s piece below to ensure your self-applied title is legit. Today’s links also include a negative outlook on Zillow’s IPO, a great write-up on Fannie’s economic outlook, and a word on home appraisals from FoxBusiness—so it has to be legit. -Fannie Mae Outlook: Economy Hits Air

Dylan Ratigan Lands at MSNBC

Three months ago, I wrote an Open Letter to Dylan Ratigan with my case as to why he should stick with financial media after his departure from CNBC. At the time I laid out two options that seemed most probable for him: So as you evaluate new options, I am sure there are many but

Open Letter To Recently Departed CNBC Frontman Dylan Ratigan

Dear Dylan: I read about your fiery departure from CNBC, and that’s the only way I would have heard about it because I stopped watching CNBC around January 2008. CNBC had been a critical part of my all-day regimen for 13 years, but I stopped watching because CNBC turned into your typical shouting-match cable news

Fox Business Sues Treasury For Failing To Disclose Bailout Fund Usage

Fox Business News launched in October 2007, two months after the financial crisis began, with lowbrow programming like their market wrap show Happy Hour which takes place in a bar and features segments like Quick Shots where they offer stock picks. To some, it lacks financial credibility but to Fox it brings the broadest possible

News Corp Head Rupert Murdoch On Taxation & Financial Bailouts

FoxNews anchor Neil Cavuto interviewed his boss today, and there were three topic areas of particular interest in the wide-ranging interview. First, here’s what News Corp head Rupert Murdoch had to say about regulation and taxation regardless of who is the next president. Also see below for what Murdoch said about taxpayers and the massive

Fox Business News Declares War On CNBC

On Tuesday, March 11, CNBC Mad Money host Jim Cramer said that Bear Stearns was fine. On Sunday, March 16, JP Morgan Chase announced a bid to take over Bear Stearns for $2 per share with the Federal Reserve as a backup to help with liquidity on bad Bear Stearns debt. This week, Fox Business