Linkage: Weekend Reading List

Sidetracked by market chaos so here’s my first Originations linkfest in a couple days. Most intriguing to me tonight are the S&P 500 correlations to Treasuries. As for Europe, I put the pieces in order starting with quick reads and ending with Michael Lewis’ full piece as weekend reading. Here you go… -Yes You Should

Linkage: New Investment Safe Havens

Today’s links include housing impacts of downgrade wave and where to find safety besides gold and Treasuries. -Fannie/Freddie Downgrade Impact On Housing (Humphries/Zillow) -S&P Downgrade Impact On Housing (TheFiscalTimes) -Equity Slaughter Continues: STATS (Bespoke) -True/False S&P Downgrade Quiz (ReformedBroker) -New Save Havens: Rental Property & Private Loans (SmartMoney)

Is Gold Money?

In signature instigator style, Ron Paul asked Ben Bernanke last week: Is gold money? Until today, I haven’t seen much more than quips on the matter but this Forbes piece by Josh Brown does a great job of answering the question. And yes, it’s full of Brown’s signature quippage, my favorite of which is: So