Import/Export Prices

Increase in Trade Deficit Driven by Smartphones?

Trade Balance (November 2012) – Deficit for November was $48.7 billion.  Previous was $42.1 billion. Exports rose $1.8 billion month/month.  Imports rose $8.4 billion month/month.  The bump in imports may have been a spike due largely to imports of iPhone 5’s and Samsung Galaxy S3’s. This is the eXports – iMports component of GDP.  All

Purchase Applications up, Import/Export Prices down.

MBA Mortgage Applications (week ended 12/7/2012) Purchase Index Week/Week 1.0% Refinance Index Week/Week 8.0% Composite Index Week/Week +6.2% The number of purchase application has increased for 5 consecutive weeks. The above data are seasonally adjusted. The unadjusted Purchase Index decreased 4% compared with the previous week and was 9% higher than the same week one

Consumer Sentiment Up. Inventories up. Will Consumers Really Spend?

Import/Export Prices (October 2012) Export Prices – Month/Month + 0.0% Export Prices – Year/Year +1.4% Import Prices – Month/Month +0.5% Import Prices – Year/Year +0.4% Trade prices and volume could prove interesting in the coming 12 months.  Important factors are:  decreased demand for exports as parts of the EU fall into recession. Flat or decreased