Iraq War

Obama Links Economy & Iraq War, McCain Retaliates

In a speech in West Virginia today, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama implied a direct link between the Iraq war and the U.S. economy by saying that “when you’re spending over $50 to fill up your car because the price of oil is four times what it was before Iraq, you’re paying a price for

WeeklyBasis 01/08/07: Happy New Year

Hi everyone, welcome to my first WeeklyBasis of 2007. There’s not much spread between longer-term fixed and shorter-term ARM rates. This is because the Fed Funds Rate – an overnight rate that’s a benchmark for shorter-term loans – is currently higher than mortgage and Treasury bond yields which serve as benchmarks for longer-term loans. The

WeeklyBasis 09/15/03: Guns + Butter = Trouble

The rate snapshot below is for reference for the week of September 15, 2003. Rates this week are holding at about 0.25% lower than in recent weeks. On a $600k loan, this is about $100 per month in savings. No rate moves are expected from Tuesday’s Federal Open Market Committee meeting. The next three months