Jamie Dimon

Chase CEO Jamie Dimon: Has Regulation Gone Too Far?

JPMorgan Chase’s CEO Jamie Dimon asked Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke if regulators have gone too far by reining in the U.S. banking system and are slowing economic growth. “Dimon asked whether the central banker has measured the cumulative effects of new capital requirements, mortgage standards and other rules imposed on the system in

Linkage: Short-Term Rate Predictions

Dealbreaker wins best headline in today’s links for the Curb Your Enthusiasm reference. First two links have rate outlooks. StockSage’s rate comments are on his first chart. -Why I Blog & Most Important Charts Today (StockSage) -7 Day Rate Predictions, June 2-9 (TheMortgageReports) -Double Dip: Altos Says Prices Rising Steadily Since Then (DSNews) -Dems Urge

Do These Bank CEOs At Today’s Congressional Hearing Look Sorry?

The CEOs of Goldman, Bank Of America, JP Morgan Chase, and Morgan Stanley went before the Congressional Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission today to revisit what happened during the heat of the financial crisis in 2008. Yesterday the NYT published a good list of questions that should be asked. Some are populist propaganda, but many are