Jim Lockhart

Tracking Warehouse Lenders, $729k Loan Rates

I was very disappointed to find out from the National Inquirer that Cher only has 3 years to live. (They even had a photo of a distraught Cher on the cover, which must have been taken right after she received the news.) I mention this because I knew a loan agent who would play “If

Freddie Mac Needs $35b From Treasury, Following $13.8b In November

Freddie Mac needs up to $35 billion in Treasury aid following the $13.8b they already got in November because they said their fourth quarter losses will drive net worth below zero. Jim Lockhart who runs their regulator the Federal Housing Finance Agency, said that Fannie Mae will likely need additional aid as well. They report

Citi, BofA, Wells Hammered; Rates For Super-Conforming

The Detroit Auto Show opened recently, and America’s automakers are showing off their latest cars. Unfortunately, they didn’t get as much of the bailout as they thought, so a ticket to the auto show costs $1.3 billion. Citi, BofA, Wells Hammered Anyone who owns stocks in financial companies got whacked yesterday. Citigroup, Bank of America,

Fed To Start Mortgage Bond Buying, More On Home Prices

Happy New Years tonight! I will be in Manhattan (after visiting Philly and Delaware) tonight, but probably no where near Times Square when the ball drops – it is supposedly packed. Remember what was going through mortgage banker heads a year ago? It was probably something like, “I hope that I can push off client