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Bonds & Rates Benefit from Higher PPI, For Now

The US Department of Labor’s May Producer Price Index reading Tuesday showed the prices that manufacturers and other businesses pay to create goods has risen 7.2% in the last 12 months. But since it’s commonly accepted that the US removes food and energy prices from the reading, the “core” PPI excluding these items for May

WeeklyBasis 03/31/08: Housing “By Far” Greatest Economic Risk

Fixed and ARM rates are down about .125% this week following last Friday’s Personal Income & Spending report which includes the Fed’s favorite measure of inflation—Personal Consumption Expenditures. The PCE number showed that year-over-year inflation was 2%, within the Fed’s 1-2% target range. Tomorrow and Thursday the Institute for Supply Management releases monthly reports on

WeeklyBasis 11/06/06: How Elections Affect Rates

Fixed and ARM rates dipped by as much as .25% last week then came back up after Friday’s controversial ‘jobs created’ and ‘wage growth’ report for October. Friday’s report came in well below estimates, which would normally cause rates to drop. But August and September numbers were revised significantly upward and rates rose accordingly. The