Jobs Weak, Leading Indicators Weak

Jobs Initial Jobless Claims (week ended 9/15/2012) – Initial Claims 382,000.  Previous was revised upward to 385,000 – 4-Week Moving Average 377,750 The jobs market is weak and, with recession likely in Europe, we will be reminded that we have a world economy. With average unemployment in the EU nations over 10% those folks much

Fundamentals 8/18: Inflation, Home Sales, Jobs, Manufacturing

Consumer Inflation -CPI Month/Month: +0.5% -CPI Year/Year: +3.6% -Core CPI Month/Month (less food & energy): +0.2% -Core CPI Year/Year (less food & energy): +1.8% -This retail inflation is always difficult to explain because while it is most certainly the overall number which affects everyone, it is core which is of interest to economists because core