Michael Lewis

Attention Michael Lewis Fans

Like countless others, I’m an eternal fan of Michael Lewis. He’s been a reliable and entertaining chronicler of finance, technology and sports for decades, and he’s still going strong with books, magazine articles, and now movie scripts. Here’s a feature piece on him. New York Magazine: It’s Good To Be Michael Lewis

Linkage: Facebook Disaster For Realtors?

Late night Originations link fest… -Will Facebook’s New Timeline Spell Disaster For Realtors (InmanNews) -Mortgage Rates For Buying Investment Property (MortgagePorter) -Tweet By Voice With New Plantronics Headset (VentureBeat) -Lots Of New NY Condo Inventory Coming (TheRealDeal) -Can Mortgage Servicing Be Saved From Itself (WSJ) -Michael Lewis Writing Liar’s Poker Movie (NetNet)

All You Need To Know About Why Things Fell Apart: Michael Lewis

Here’s a piece today from Michael Lewis, the man who can usually make complicated financial matters simple. This is his dissent on the findings of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, of which he was a member. The fact that it’s uncharacteristically unclear—especially the part about women on Wall Street—proves how complicated an issue this is.

Tolstoy Quote That Opens Michael Lewis’ New Book

Still haven’t had a chance to get Michael Lewis’ new book The Big Short about the guys who made a fortune betting against the subprime mortgage boom—too busy making a living in mortgage market that’s left after the bust. But saw Lewis on Charlie Rose this evening, and Rose ended the interview with the Leo

Deep Thoughts On Your Career. By Michael Lewis.

Liar’s Poker author Michael Lewis offers deep thoughts on your finance career: …We’re at the beginning of a recalibration of the role of finance in global economic life. The excitement and the money that attracted you to Wall Street will probably not return for a long time. If these really are the only reasons you

Liar’s Poker: The Conclusion … 20 Years Later

Anyone who’s been in finance for a minute or two has read Liar’s Poker, Michael Lewis’ chronicle of being a bond salesman at Solomon Brothers during its rise to fame as a mortgage backed securities powerhouse in the 1980s. If you haven’t read it, you should buy it today and read it. It’s both essential