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WeeklyBasis 3/12/11: Global Chaos vs U.S. Inflation & Fed Data

As predicted, rates ended last week even after big volatility caused +/-.3% intraday rate swings. Following the devastating Japanese earthquake and tsunami, mortgage bonds surprisingly weren’t Friday’s safety buy and instead sold (rates up) for four main reasons: (1) profit taking after bonds rallied huge Thursday (rates down) on a very successful 30yr Treasury auction,

WeeklyBasis 08/14/06: Buy Cheaper Homes, Refi Later

Fixed and ARM rates are up by about .125% since last week following the Fed pause and a cease fire (however tentative) in Lebanon. The Fed’s decision not to raise rates another .25% caused rate markets to trade down leading up to the Fed meeting last Tuesday. Middle East violence fueled an over-reaction leading up

WeeklyBasis 08/04/06: Friday Special: Fed Rate Pause Imminent

Here’s a Friday special WeeklyBasis to make up for me being out the last couple Mondays and this coming Monday. And it’s good news too … Fixed and ARM rates are down .25% in the past 2 weeks after continued violence in the Middle East and lackluster jobs growth. These things have raised doubts about

WeeklyBasis 07/17/06: Mid-East Violence Pushes Rates Down

Fixed and ARM rates are down about .125% over last week due mostly to violence in the Middle East causing investors to move into bonds for safety. The reason rates dropped is because when bond prices rise in a buying rally, bond yields (or rates) move down. We’re on inflation watch this week, with Producer

WeeklyBasis 03/22/04: Terrorism in Spain Affecting Rate Outlook

Rates/commentary for the week of March 22, 2004. I am back in the saddle after my wedding and two amazing weeks in Hawaii. While I was away, a dismal jobs report caused rates to drop below all-time lows from May 2003. This news would usually correct itself as investors realize all other economic fundamentals are