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Linkage: Morgan Stanley Twitter Policy

Reminder to mortgage advisors who whine about regulation: investment advisors have it worse—they can’t use Twitter or LinkedIn. Today’s links include a great piece on this topic, plus career advice, using your house to get laid, two Top 10 lists, 7 signs of startup failure, the next financial crisis, and more. -Morgan Stanley’s Twitter Plans:

Do These Bank CEOs At Today’s Congressional Hearing Look Sorry?

The CEOs of Goldman, Bank Of America, JP Morgan Chase, and Morgan Stanley went before the Congressional Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission today to revisit what happened during the heat of the financial crisis in 2008. Yesterday the NYT published a good list of questions that should be asked. Some are populist propaganda, but many are

New Fannie Loan Mod, Wells Record Earnings, Fraud Update

The Wall Street Journal reports that, due to the federal tax credit to buy high-mileage cars, the Federal government is now paying Americans to buy golf carts. As it turns out, the IRS has ruled that golf carts qualify for the electric-car credit as long as they are also road worthy. The federal credit “provides