New Home Sales

New Home Sales down. Previous Revised upwards.

New Home Sales (December 2012) – New Home Sales (seasonally adjusted, annualized) 369,000. Previous was 398,000 revised upward from the prior reported 377,000. By comparison, before the housing bubble bust New Home Sales were in the 600,000+ range.  There is still inventory to clear from foreclosures and that inhibits building but only modestly. Rising prices

New Home Sales Rise. Consumer Confidence Falls.

Jobless Claims (week ended 12/22/2012) – Initial Claims 350,000.  Previous was revised to 362,000 – 4-week Moving Average 356,750 Data for last week may not be reliable. There were 2 days off and data was collected for only 31 states.  The others were estimated. New Home Sales (November 2012) – Sales were 377,000 (seasonally adjusted,

New Home Sales up, Purchase Applications down.

New Home Sales (September 2012) – New Home Sales  (seasonally adjusted annualized rate) – 389,000.  Previous was 368,000 – The median price of a new home sold was down 3.2% which breaks a string of increases. A slow, steady increase in New Home Sales is a healthy sign but… MBA Mortgage Applications (week ended 10/19/2012)

New Home Sales Flat

Housing New Home Sales (August 2012) – 373,000 Seasonally Adjusted Annualized Rate – Previous was 374,000 Mortgage Bankers Association Applications (week ended 9/21/2012) Purchase Index – Week/Week +1.0% Refinance Index – Week/Week +3.0% Composite Index – Week/Week +2.8% Bloomberg headlines with “Sales of New U.S. Homes Hover Near a Two-Year High” which I suppose is