Google’s Mortgage Shopping Product. Jumbo News.

Google has built built out its mortgage rate searches by launching a comparison tool for consumers. Lenders who want to be in searches must pay for the privilege. More Jumbo News Here is some company news of note. Springleaf, an offshoot of American General Finance, is planning to raise $500 million for nonconforming/non-agency loan financing.

Fannie Mae Site On How To Leave Your Underwater Home

How To Leave Your Underwater Home Fannie Mae launched a new consumer website,, to educate homeowners about their options to avoid foreclosure and how to get help. There’s an accompanying site for lenders who want marketing materials to promote these KnowYourOptions features. Treasury Auctions Next Week The Treasury will sell $34 billion of 3-yr

Fannie Deed-For-Lease Program. Earnings from Freddie, PennyMac.

After hearing about Fannie D4L’s program (Deed for Lease), my cousin made sure that Fannie owned his loan (, and then called them because he was having trouble with his water heater’s pilot light. As you can imagine, the call didn’t go very far up Fannie’s org chart. Many are viewing the program somewhat skeptically,