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WeeklyBasis 10/22: HUGE Market Week Ahead

Rates dropped .125% last week but are still up .25% from all-time record lows set the week of October 3. Next week is huge for U.S. economic data, corporate earnings, and Eurozone debt crisis updates. I’ll quickly recap last week, then preview what’s coming. Also please note: loan limits weren’t increased in Washington last week,

WeeklyBasis 10/15: Rates Up .375%

Rates rose .125% last week after a .25% climb the week before. Rates are up .375% in the past two weeks, but still extremely low. My WeeklyBasis prediction last week was even rates as markets “start with rates up slightly on perception of progress in Europe, then fade.” It didn’t fade yet but I also

Linkage: Moneyball Housing Analogy

Today’s linkfest on monetary and stock outlook, latest mortgage guidelines, and Wall Street ice cream flavors. -Q4 Monetary Policy Preview: US, Europe, UK, Japan (TradingFloor) -Can The S&P 500 Stay Above 1175-1195 Resistance? (TheBigPicture) -Moneyball Housing Analogy: Runs = # of Sales (Matrix) -Top 10 Ben & Jerry’s Wall Street Flavors (ReformedBroker) -Mortgage Lenders Get

Linkage: Weekend Reading List

Sidetracked by market chaos so here’s my first Originations linkfest in a couple days. Most intriguing to me tonight are the S&P 500 correlations to Treasuries. As for Europe, I put the pieces in order starting with quick reads and ending with Michael Lewis’ full piece as weekend reading. Here you go… -Yes You Should