The New Financial Media Moguls: Blodget, Lindzon

Finance superblog BusinessInsider (BI) and financial media juggernaut Reuters butted heads again last week after a $7m capital raise by BI. In a piece on Felix Salmon’s blog, Reuter’s again accused Henry Blodget’s BI of being mere aggregator instead of legit financial news outfit. Salmon played this card 18 months ago too. What I wrote

How Did My Social Media Ban Go This Weekend?

Clutter. That’s the only word to describe recent weeks. Lots of market chaos, new business, expansion on media endeavors, and increasing attention demands from my toddler. So I tried a de-clutter experiment this weekend: no email, no texting, no Twitter, no Facebook, no web surfing. Not even any photos despite the fact that I had

The Hopeless Future of Financial Media

A new year. Typically the time for a media technique as old as media: recapping last year or predicting this year. But instead of doing that today, below I’m re-posting The Day Journalism Died, a piece I wrote in 2006. It’s not about financial media, but it reminded me what consumer financial media is and