TED Spread

Credit Crunch Easing?

Below is from Teodoro Wealth Report, a weekly produced by Marin County-based financial advisor Alex Teodoro: One key to an economic recovery is a thawing of the credit freeze. Let’s look at three indicators that suggest we’re making some progress in this area. First, the LIBOR is coming down. LIBOR stands for London InterBank Offered

TED Spread Normalizing?

The TED Spread fell to 1.48% this week, only down 1 basis point on the week but down from a record high of 4.64% on October 10. The TED Spread is an important indicator of credit availability and historical norms are about 30 basis points (0.3%), with a range of 10 to 50 basis points

Short Term LIBOR Declines Signal Hope In Credit Markets

LIBOR (London interbank offered rate) is a critical short-term rate for banks to lend to each other and for companies to raise money to fund operations. Overnight, one-month and three-month LIBOR have all shot up recently, and markets have been watching these closely for signs of life in the credit market. MarketWatch reports that three-month