Thomas Hoenig

Fed’s Hoenig: Crises Won’t End Without Long-Term Plan (VIDEO)

Below is a must-watch Bloomberg interview with Kansas City Fed president Thomas Hoenig on U.S. monetary policy outlook and the economy. He’s retiring next month and has been a lone dissenter on most post-crisis Fed policies. Below video is a summary from Mike “Mish” Shedlock, and a link to his full analysis. Good interview with

Final Words From Thomas Hoenig, Lifetime Fed Dissenter

I’ve cooled to NYT’s Gretchen Morgenson over the years because she’s taken the easy populist path of evil institutions out to destroy consumers. That theme attracts readers but she’s not on the ground at the financial, mortgage and real estate advisor levels so she’s unaware that there are armies of advisors out there who see

No Fed rate or QE2 change. Rate advice for consumers.

Today’s Fed statement acknowledges economic recovery is on “firmer footing,” and while the Fed acknowledges inflationary concerns, it’s choosing to ignore inflation pressure for now and keeping overnight bank-to-bank target Fed Funds Rates at 0-.25%, and keeping the overnight Fed-to-bank Discount Rates at .75%. They also said they’d keep going with their second round of