2019 value of U.S. residential real estate market near $30 trillion

The Federal Reserve keeps tabs on how much money everyone in the U.S. has in total, and spills the deets every quarter in a report called the Flow of Funds.

There’s a lot of interesting stuff to pick out in the report, but since you only have so much precious brainpower to spare on a Tuesday morning, we picked out the best water cooler conversation starters for you below.

-Total assets of households in the U.S. is $113 trillion. Yes, with a T.

-Owner-occupied real estate is $25.8 trillion of that $113 trillion

-Total household debt: $15 trillion

-Total household net worth: $97.9 trillion.

-$1.6 trillion taken out in life insurance policies

If you need to kill more time before lunch, we can take you deeper: here’s how much of that $25.8 trillion in homes Americans actually own.


Financial Accounts of the United States (Federal Reserve)

Size of U.S. residential real estate market is $27 trillion in 2019 (The Basis Point)