Accenture Drops Tiger Woods

Global consulting firm Accenture has dropped Tiger Woods as the firm’s official endorser after six years following the golfer’s mistress troubles. Of Tiger’s many sponsorships, it makes sense this one was dropped. It could be argued that the nature of Tiger’s troubles don’t automatically harm the sports apparel or drink brands he’s sponsored by. But Accenture sells sound judgment and business execution to their clients. Accenture looks like they’ll probably need to spend even more in 2010 to keep their brand message the same but phase him out, more on this and other sponsorship updates from AdAge below.

Accenture said its marketing would continue on its “High Performance Business” strategy and “High Performance Delivered” platforms, and that the company would immediately transition to a new, Tiger-free ad campaign, with a “major effort” set for 2010.

While his biggest backer, Nike, offered unequivocal support, other sponsors have been less effusive. Gillette said it would reduce his role in its marketing during the hiatus, and AT&T said it was in the process of reevaluating its relationship with Mr. Woods.

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  1. Jamie says:

    I want to be like Tiger

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