Actor Kal “Kumar” Penn Voices Insulting White House Video On Financial Reform (WATCH)

About 15 months ago actor Kal Penn joined the White House Office of Public Engagement, and 2 months ago he returned to Hollywood to make a third installment of the “Harold & Kumar” cult-favorite stoner movie series. In the last installment of the movie, Penn’s character Kumar smoked a joint with George W. Bush. And below is the last installment of Penn’s White House duties: a financial reform consumer ‘education’ video voiced by Penn … which raises the question: Is the Obama administration high? Politicians brag about how smart our country is, but this is what they really think about The American People’s ability to understand market basics.

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  1. Sugarleg says:

    the video is cloying and trite however well-intentioned. (the sassy jazz track also made me want to stab myself in the eye) not sure who the audience is although I agree, “The American People” was probably the main demographic. why did they not just go to NPR's Planet Money team to produce this? sheesh, they have been doing exemplary reporting on these topics since the crunch hit in '08 and they do it on the RADIO and with actual respect for the aforementioned “American People.”

  2. Yea that jazz track was definitely part of the insult.

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