Average U.S. 3yr Old Can Recognize 100 Brands

This week’s Economist has a good review of Martin Lindstrom’s new book on branding. Lindstrom has run brands like McDonald’s, Procter & Gamble and Microsoft. Good tidbits in the article (linked below), and you can click the picture if you want to check out the book in more detail.

The stat that stuck with me is that, apparently, my just-turned 3yr old boy can recognize 100 brands already. I thought it was much more than that. Just joking. That stat is crazy as a dad but realistic as a brand-conscious consumer. I also learned most marketing dollars are devoted to my kid rather than me because I’m merely a “wallet carrier” who will bow to my child’s any plea.
-Hidden Persuaders (Economist)
Brandwashed: Tricks Companies Use to Persuade Us to Buy

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