Linkage: baby boomers chasing millennials’ babies

The economy changes slowly, but once it does, it looks radically different. Can you imagine explaining that Facebook would be the world’s largest advertiser to someone in 2009?

The workforce will look totally different in 2029, too. Global consulting firm McKinsey said automation is going to put pressure on the remaining middle-class jobs.

That’s why many middle-class folks are feeling financially anxious, according to new research by a tech provider to credit unions. 18% of people don’t feel confident about their money situation, according to CUNA Mutual Group.

So you can’t blame people for wanting to hold their families close, which explains a new real estate trend. Baby boomers are becoming “baby chasing boomers,” and moving closer to their kids, who are themselves new parents. These boomers are adding more fuel to the fire in already-hot markets like Dallas.

Trends like baby-chasing and the fact that U.S. retail spending is still off the charts might be fueling builder confidence. Homebuilders still see healthy appetite for new homes, which is a good economic indicator.

If you’re still stressed about your own money situation, you might be able to stress eat with less worry now that Nestle invented chocolate without added sugar.

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