Consumer Finance Savior Elizabeth Warren’s ‘Grassroots’ Rap Video Made By Hollywood Bigwigs.

Turns out this ‘grassroots’ Elizabeth Warren rap video that made the rounds last week was produced by Hollywood bigwig composer Hans Zimmer, the music man behind many of the biggest movies of the past 25 years … from Rain Man to Gladiator to Pirates of the Caribbean to the latest Batman movies and Inception. NYT reports that the rapper in the video is a TV salesman at Best Buy. The video was passable as a grassroots effort, but if it’s being graded in the we’re-pros-but-it’s-supposed-to-suck Andy Samberg sense, then it fails. Warren is Obama’s top pick to head the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, a new office created by the massive Dodd/Frank financial reform bill. Thanks to Sugarleg who sent us video in first place.