Fastest Growing LinkedIn Job Titles (bullshit bingo time!)

Last week’s Economist had a good piece on LinkedIn’s fastest growing/shrinking job titles.

Fastest Growing: Adjunct Professor

Fastest Shrinking: Sales Associate

Naturally. Because nobody is really selling, right? Selling is so gauche. Now everyone is educating.

What a bunch of bullshit. But my bitterness was belied by this email my wife got from an old friend the same time I was reading the article:

OK, look … I know you’re a corporate muckety muck, marketing grand pooh-bah of sorts, and I also realize that in that insular world of muckety muckness there is a certain affinity for corporate titles and innovative hybrid monikers. But, after reading “Executive Visibility” and “Change Management” in your recent LinkedIn post, I gotta ask … are you just making stuff up now?

If so, I say bra-VO! And let me offer two more: “Resource Rustler” and “Bottom Line Watcherer.”

And so Rob, please accept my humblest bra-VO. Because you’re clearly one of the only Bottom Line Watcherers left.

Julian Hebron
Promoter Of Epic Emails

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