Friday Funk: The Beast


This year I’ve been preoccupied getting up to speed on a new job with the hottest company I’ve ever worked for. loanDepot is eight years old and is already the nation’s fifth largest retail lender behind Wells, QuickenLoans, BofA, and JPM Chase. I joined January 4, 2018 and you never know what you’ll get when entering a new opportunity. Sometimes the shiny object is rotten inside, and very often hype outweighs substance or execution. But in my first two months, I’ve mostly observed genuine excitement from one humbly talented colleague after another. Everyone is hungry and pushing as hard as they know how to push. It’s a special culture, and so far what I’m seeing on the inside confirms what I saw on the outside: that the company is a beast to be reckoned with. As such, tonight’s Friday Funk installment is The Beast by Galactic. Since it’s short, I’m also adding another favorite the same 2003 album this one came from.

And as an extra funky bonus, here’s a George Clinton interview with Rolling Stone from a couple weeks ago with several quotables to marinate on as you get your cool back for the weekend.


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