Friday Funk: Football – by Mickey & The Soul Generation

Naturally this pre Super Bowl Friday Funk installment is Football, a song by 1960s Texas funk band Mickey & The Soul Generation, which counted this song and one other as hits in their day. Then they dropped off the map until @DJShadow unearthed them and reissued their full collection during his early 2000s heyday with the legendary Quannum hip hop crew featuring Lyrics Born, Blackalicious, and Lateef The Truthspeaker. DJ Shadow, proven tastemaker that he is, counts Mickey & The Soul Generation as his favorite funk band. I’m also throwing in another song called Hey Brother Man, which I count as my favorite in the band’s collection, and I dedicate to the Harbaugh brothers helming Super Bowl Sunday…

Football – by Mickey & The Soul Generation (youtube)

Hey Brother Man – by Mickey & The Soul Generation (youtube)

Harbaugh Brothers Stand Apart Together (SF Chronicle)