Friday Funk: Rien Ne Va Plus – Funk Factory

Tonight’s Friday Funk installment is Rien Ne Va Plus, a 1975 song by a little-known band called Funk Factory. It’s a smooth ride that’ll help you get your cool back for the weekend. And if it sounds familiar, it’s because Beastie Boys sampled it for Car Thief on their 1989 Paul’s Boutique album. I’m also placing the entire Paul’s Boutique album below and Car Thief is at 29:32 so you can listen for comparison’s sake. Anyone who reads this site knows I’m clearly Beastie biased, but I’ll leave it to you to determine whether Rien Ne Va Plus or Car Thief is the more appealing use of the material.


CAR THIEF (song at 29:32, w/heavy Rien Ne Va Plus sample) – by BEASTIE BOYS

Rien Ne Va Plus – Funk Factory (Youtube)

Great Funk Factory writeup by DJ Prestige

Car Thief, original version – Beastie Boys (Youtube)

Car Thief, demo version w/alternate lyrics – Beastie Boys (Youtube)

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