Google CEO says its ‘Don’t Be Evil’ mantra is ‘more nuanced’ now with AI


On 60 Minutes, Scott Pelley asked Google CEO Sundar Pichai if the firm’s founding principle of ‘don’t be evil’ still holds up in the AI era, and this is how Pichai responded:

Yes, and we have a more nuanced view of it, which is: how do you do the right thing, and what is the responsibilities [sic] that comes with it? So it’s a lot more of a nuanced view but it underpins how we think of it.

Umm, OK.

From a paranoid view, Pichai’s answer sounds eerily like a lot of cagey AI responses.

From a more open-minded view, caginess ironically helps temper AI’s assumption it knows all.

And I think that’s what Pichai is getting at when he says there’s nuance to Google don’t be evil goals. The link below to the full interview has more on how Google is proceeding with caution.

If there’s an AI team trying hardest to do the right thing, Google would have my vote.

Not sure I’m ready to say the same thing for Elon Musk’s new AI play. Here’s why.

60 Minutes’ Scott Pelley asked Google CEO Sundar Pichai if AI eats Google’s search and founding principles. Here are the answers.

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How Google's ‘don’t be evil’ motto evolved for AI age

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