How Do Big Money Fintech Players Define Disruption?

It’s all fintech all the time throughout consumer finance with billions being spent quarterly. Mortgage disruption talk is especially notable because it’s about tech-enabled mortgage advisors rather than tech itself running the consumer process.

Here’s part 2 of an interview I did with Dave Savage, CEO of lender software firm MortgageCoach on how lenders can avoid tech disruption, and in this installment we dive into how VCs and real disruptors define “disruption” (spoiler: it’s dominant market share in a fractured mortgage and consumer finance space) and how all this new tech can finally drive real business for loan advisors and real ROI on technology investment for lenders. Three highlights for busy people:

(1) 2:52 to 5:59 on industry disruption stats.

(2) 19:08 to 21:01 on how to get great at social in a compliant way.

(3) 25:53 to 27:17 on how to tie marketing to funded units AND technology adoption.