“I don’t take responsibility at all” isn’t Trump’s downfall. It’s his greatest strength.


Trump saying 'I don't take responsibility at all' for coronavirus response won't be his downfall. Taking credit and assigning blame is Trump's greatest strength

Trump just told Americans “I don’t take responsibility at all” for his administration’s response to the global coronavirus health crisis. Is this what you’d tell your family or work crew when it’s go time?

Not a chance.

We’re all leaders somewhere in our lives. Someone is counting on you for something at home or work. And even folks who hate taking responsibility do it anyway when shit gets real.

Sure, we’re all susceptible to taking too much credit, assigning too much blame, and ignoring our weaknesses.

But we suck it up in a crisis and do our best to admit weakness, take blame, and give credit.

All leadership rests on these three tenets.

And every work, life, and sports leader you love admits weakness, takes blame, and gives credit.

Politics is different because we don’t really “love” political leaders.

We vote for who we think represents our interests, or vote against who we think we hate.

I would just caution Trump haters who are saying his “I don’t take responsibility at all” statement will lead to his downfall.

Trump’s total commitment to taking credit, assigning blame, and ignoring weakness is, paradoxically, his greatest strength.

Somehow many like this behavior in a political context. Maybe because governing this way is a big middle finger to politics in general.

But forget politics and governing for a moment.

Let’s just view total commitment to taking credit, assigning blame, and ignoring weakness through a life lens.

It means total commitment to doing what’s right for you without regard for those around you.

If you’re totally committed to this, you totally don’t care about those around you.

Which brings me back to my opening question:

When shit gets real for you, do you say “I don’t take responsibility at all” to your family or colleagues?

If your answer is No in your life, ask yourself why your politics would be any different.

I’m Julian Hebron, and I take full responsibility for this message.

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