Idiot’s Guide To Mortgages: content everyone should brush up on

Saw this book recently and laughed because I’m, you know, such an accomplished mortgage pro and all. But as I flipped through it, I realized I’m the idiot for laughing because the book is actually well done, and contains a lot of great explanations on Mortgage 101 topics that supposedly accomplished mortgage pros get wrong all the time–man, if I had a dollar for every time someone blew an explanation of closing documents

Anyway, if you’re a consumer (or a pro who thinks they have their rap down cold), this is just a quick note to say that these types of resources are indeed worth your time. As for online Mortgage 101 resources, I recommend Zillow’s Mortgage Learning Center. Of course I’m biased because I work with Zillow on a lot of this content, but I do so because I strongly believe that consumers must have free access to quality mortgage education–many of these topics are more technical than you might think. A lot of sites/books scratch the surface, but at least a resource like this dives in deeper.

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