Inflation Tame. Consumer Sentiment Down.

Rates even to slightly up after today’s data.

Producer Inflation: PPI (June 2012)
– Core PPI (less food & energy), Month/Month  +0.2%
– Core PPI (less food & energy), Year/Year +2.6 %
– PPI, Month/Month +0.1%
– PPI, Year/Year +0.8%

The media seem to be reading more into this than I see.  PPI always tends to have larger changes than CPI and, to me, worrying that core PPI is +2.6% for the year is like calculating Pi  to 30 decimal places.

Consumer Sentiment (July 2012)
– University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment 72.0.  Previous was 73.2,  This is supposed to measure consumers predisposition to spend.

– This is the lowest level of this calendar year.

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