Is 30% of your home just for Netflix and Chilling?


Think about how you use the space in your home. Where do you spend most of your time? If the way space is parceled out in new homes is any indication of our priorities, we all need to get out more.

The National Association Of Home Builders just shared some data on how new American homes use space, and it looks like we’re becoming a nation of shut-ins: almost 30% of space in new homes is devoted to bedrooms whether you live in a small or big house.

Is there a connection between the rise of endless streaming and scrolling media options online and the growing size of new bedrooms? Maybe. Or would streaming lead to smaller bedrooms because all you need in your bedroom now is your screen (which might just fit in your pocket) and a bed?

Maybe we need bigger bedrooms because we need more space to spread out after an awful day of hearing “Thank God It’s Monday” at our full-time freelance job.

Or, it’s just nice to have a big bedroom and I’m reading into it too much.

Another factoid that jumps out to me in the NAHB data: living rooms account for more than twice as much space in small homes than big homes (10% vs. 4.4%). If you live in a smaller house, maybe you value and use that common area much more since your bedroom is smaller.

And maybe Netflix is to blame for that—if you have a smaller home and bedroom, your living room becomes your sanctuary since it’s less cramped.

For those of you with families in smaller homes, where do you find your family members spend most of their time? And for those of you buying new construction, do you consider a big bedroom your Netflix chamber?

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