Marketing Madness: ‘Swissness’ laws ban Toblerone chocolate from using Matterhorn logo


Marketing story of the week! A forced rebrand of the iconic Toblerone mark as U.S. owner Mondelez moves some production to Slovakia.

It seems the chocolate itself — also in the shape of the Matterhorn — doesn’t need to be reshaped. As any fellow chocolate lover knows, the triangles are the whole joy of a Toblerone.

The question is: will chocolate fans even notice or care? Admittedly, if I didn’t see this, I wouldn’t have noticed.

Toblerone bars aren't all made in Switzerland anymore, so they made the brand ditch its logo and tagline. Milk-based products claiming they're Swiss must be made entirely in Switzerland.

Check It Out:

Toblerone chocolate to cut iconic Matterhorn logo from packaging due to 'Swissness' laws

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